THE POWER IS ALMOST HERE...Continue to Create! If you're a musician with Parkinson's Disease-you can't miss this special broadcast!
This is the "OFFICIAL" site of PD Talk Live.You may proceed... 
Welcome to the official website of Rich & Kim. This husband and wife team started "Parkinson's Disease Talk Live" in 2008. Now this website is dedicated to "The Archives of PD Talk Live!" 

If you're a musician dealing with a neurological disease, join us for "Continue to Create." We will feature alternative ideas that could assist you with your creation process, and allow you to do what we all love - The Arts!

Don't miss Rich, when he debuts his 3rd song about PD Awareness called, World War PD (WWPD). It's an anthem for stopping this menace we call Parkinson's Disease.

PD Talk Live was reality radio at it's best!

The program covered the latest news of interest to the Parkinson's community, as well as the experiences of host, Rich & Kim. Rich was diagnosed with PD in 2001.

After several years of helping out at fund raisers, getting involved in a clinical trial, and attempting to fit Parkinson's Disease in their life - they decided to become advocates and help to spread awareness buy doing what they do best...TALK!

Parkinson's Disease Talk Live was born in January 2008 and the final program was January 2013. All past programs are available at Blog Talk Radio and Talk Shoe.

Five-years later and over 200 live broadcasts, these past programs of PD Talk Live are still spreading awareness, sharing experiences, and providing PD news, views, and interviews of interest to the Parkinson's community, archived at their respective network.

The programs were both informative and entertaining, and you can still listen to the past programs buy using the widgets above. 

A special thanks goes out to Blog Talk Radio & Talk Shoe for providing a broadcast home for us. Thanks to all the listeners. Please keep up the good fight! We will too.

Thank you for the years of support!


Rich & Kim

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